2015 Kawasaki 650 Versys

2015 Kawasaki 650 Versys

Sometimes you just want to break away, stop your daily grind and do something different. Go away somewhere you haven’t been before. Ahaaa…. Sounds like a plan! I got a text message from my editor, asking me to register for Kawasaki’s Malaysia Press Introduction for the brand new Versys 650 model. Nice! I filled in the registration and got the info emailed to me, surprise, surprise, it’s in Johor, at the splendid Pulai Springs Resort, for 3 days! Really, really what the doctor ordered!

The itinerary for the program started on a cold rainy morning on Sunday. It was really pouring so of course all of us who were waiting at Kawasaki Glenmarie did the proper thing, have nasi lemak for breakfast, with hot coffee, as we waited for the bus to depart. There were 11 of us going on the bus, while others would ride or drive to the event. 400km away, I’m glad I’m snug and warm in the bus, with the screening of the latest Avengers movie installment; Age of Ultron.


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KTM RC 390 Track Review


Anybody who’s been to Sepang F1 Circuit, may have also been to the kart track. Modelled after the main track, it features the similar wide asphalt and fast sweepers with hard braking chicanes and high grip surface.

The layout itself mimics the main track although it has a lesser number of corners and distance. This is where the track test for the stonkinly sweet KTM RC 390 took place by yours truly!


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People love trends. Clothes, accessories, fashion all come and go, but some do stay, or maybe come by again now and then. Fad? You know the saying, “If you love ’em, let ’em go, if they come back, then its true love”. After a weekend being together with KTN’s GP125 CAFE RACER, I can certainly say that this category of biking is definitely a trend, not a fad!


I confess that i spend a lot of time on high performance race replica bikes, so slinging my leg over a cafe racer made me feel clueless. Clueless about how the ride, the engine, the feel, everything would be!Even more so that KTN is a fairly unknown brand, I really dont know what to expect and evaluate. But at the end of the test, a surprising turn out it came to be!


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KTM RC390 Street Review

THUNK,THUNK,THUNK,THUNK,THUNK… Is that a single I hear? A large displacement thumper? But how come its revving so quickly? The revs pound up and down unlike a big single pistoned engine. Turn your head around and gaze at the brand stonking new KTM RC390!

This bike has stirred up quite a bit of a mini storm around the world, even for non-bikers. Lo and behold, its in front of me now, ready for my eager hand to start piling on the gas. I tell you, even the under the gloomy street light where I’m picking it up, this baby looks not only sensationally fast even standing still, it oozes sexiness! Way different design theory has been applied here, with the right dose of angledness, and pointy futuristic styling that really presses the right buttons. One word. FRESH!

I board the bike, and immediately the feeling is of fitting in to the bike. The seat height and width fits naturally and the seat and tank meeting point is slim, it doesn’t make your thighs spread, and you’re hugging the tank nicely without squashing your crotch. The handle bars are high and angled quite flat, with a good width that gives good comfort and leverage. You’d think that by looking at the bike it’s kind of tall, but getting on it everything fits like a custom made glove. So far so good !


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Official Launch of Scrambler Ducati 2015

Next Bike Sdn Bhd (Ducati Malaysia) has motorcycle aficionados ready to make a beeline for the Ducati showroom following the official introduction of the much awaited complete range of Scrambler Ducati today. The introduction took place at the Ducati Sungai Buloh, in-conjunction with the kick off of a nationwide Scrambler Ducati tour.


Following the Scrambler’s exclusive preview last October, where it was very warmly received by the media, Ducati partners and Ducati Club members, we knew this model was going to be a hit with motorcycle lovers all over Malaysia. So it is with great excitement that we now have the entire Scrambler range available to the local market,” Datuk Wira Hj. SM Faisal Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin, Group Executive Chairman & Group CEO, NAZA World Group of Companies.


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Aprilia SR Max 300 – the sporty grand-touring scooter

NAZA Premira Sdn Bhd, the sole and official importer of Aprilia brand of motorcycles in Malaysia, introduced the new Aprilia SR Max 300 – a  maxi scooter that embraces the Aprilia sporting spirit and brings the Aprilia racing DNA to the road for pure enjoyment and riding pleasure, whether being used for around town commuting or higher speed riding on highways.

The Aprilia SR Max 300 perfectly embodies elements of the Aprilia lifestyle, offering a blend of practicality, versatility and performance on one platform. This scooter allows owners to enjoy the riding experience, be it traversing for daily activities or for long distance. Naza Premira is further enhancing the ownership experience and bringing the community closer to be more connected to each other” said Datuk Wira Hj. SM Faisal Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin, Group Executive Chairman & Group CEO, NAZA World Group of Companies. (more…)

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SAY HI TO Z300 & NINJA 300

Its finally here,an upgrade from 250cc version finally arrive in our land.Kawasaki Malaysia finally introduced Kawasaki Z300 & Kawasaki Ninja300.We believe the high demand has made Kawasaki finally bring the 300cc model and will compete with KTM RC390.Price,we did not receive official update regarding the price but we believe the price for Ninja 300 at RM26,989 and Z300 at RM25,989. .We not really sure whether the 250cc version will stop production for Malaysian market and Kawasaki will concentrate with 300cc .

Thanks to Serdang Motor Bikers which share the machine picture on their fb and we believe among the first  shop to receive Z300 & Ninja 300.So come and take a look !Pic credit to : serdangmotorcycle


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Kawasaki H2 First ride review – Sepang Circuit


Kawasaki Ninja H2. Built beyond belief. Sometimes tag lines or slogans are just that – something catchy. However, in the Ninja H2 case, it really does sum up what the H2 is all about.

Ever since it’s debut and reveal, the Ninja H2 has been grabbing attention ever since. The first thing you will take in is the looks. The H2 looks nothing at all like anything you’ve seen before. The futuristic design along with the aerodynamics, not forgetting the stunning looking wheel affixed to the equally good looking single-sided swinging arm, with that unique silver mirror paint and green trellis frame peaking through, makes the first impression of the H2 a totally unforgettable one. No doubt that anyone would mistaken this machine for anything else other than THE Ninja H2!


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